Medium Article task

This is my first project:

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  <h1>Please do learn to code</h1>
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  <figcaption>Learning to code at a Free Code Camp Toronto coffee-and-code.</figcaption>
  <p>This morning I woke up to dozens messages from students who had read an article titled “Please Don’t Learn to Code.”</p>
  <p>At first, I assumed <a href="" title="Jeff Atwood">Jeff Atwood’s 2012 article</a> had spontaneously reappeared on Reddit. But no — this was a <a href="" title="Tech crunch">brand new Tech Crunch article</a> of the same name, which echoed Atwood’s assertion that encouraging everyone to learn programming is like encouraging everyone to learn plumbing.</p>
  <p>Here’s why programming — unlike plumbing — is an important skill that everyone should learn: <strong>programming is how humans talk to machines.</strong></p>